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UX/UI Presentation

Partnered with a coworker, I was tasked in creating a presentation specializing in resources to aid our team with UX/UI fundamentals, with a stronger focus on UI design.

Project Type: Team Presentation

Designers: Justin Chateauvert, Roman Drobot

Roles: UX/UI Research, Design Strategy, Illustration

Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator



As a company that strive to adopt new technologies and product work-flow, UX/UI design is being implemented in many of the projects. Without a dedicated UX/UI department, the Graphic Design teams need guidance with respect to UX/UI applications.  



After creating a final package, we shared all content and resources with the team for future reference. The goal was packaging a document that would serve as a tool when tasked for such projects, and build confidence with the guidance given.



Since the topic was on UX/UI design, the decision was made to present the information via a web page prototype instead of a typical PowerPoint layout.

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