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UI Explorations

UI Graphics for IBI Group's Check Inn App Prototype Project

Draft concept design for two sectors of a prototype. This introduces features for a Suite Energy Management Module and an EV Charging Module – part of IBI Group’s Condo Management System App. Responsibilities included competitor research, UI kit elements, grid system, brand disciplines, and iconography. Onboarding illustration character concepts by: Linden Laserna. 

Web Portfolio-1 - Dribbble - Behance_1.png
Web Portfolio-1 - Dribbble - Behance_2.png
Web Portfolio-1 - Dribbble - Behance_3.png

Fictional IBI Group Competition: Transport Interface Challenge (Landing Page)

Branding and Iconography: IBI Group


Re-tek: Electronic Recycling Solution (Landing Page)


Inspired by services such as and, Re-tek is a fictional company that can securely recycle your old electronics. The visual concept reflects a retro look and feel, and visually speaks to older technologies that are still beautiful in their form.

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